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Helena. 18. Freshman at Temple.


A Scene from William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure (Claudio, deceived by Don Juan, accuses Hero). By Marcus Stone.

If it’s Claudio, Don Juan, and Hero, it’s definitely not Measure for Measure.

i should hang this around my work lol

took a fucken long time but i enjoyed every second

Anonymous asked: do you accept cameron monaghan as your lord and savior?



Please don’t read this

I think I’m a little drunk

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Anonymous asked: Well I really appreciate that. Thanks for sharing and hoping for better for me. He went from telling me he planned on being with me for the rest of our lives and even talking about kids and apartments and I'm even in the process of transferring to the college he goes to. (We were planning on getting an apartment). He bought me a promise ring and said it was our pre-engagement thing, kind of lame yeah. But I really really had hopes that we would be forever, and even worse I still do.

Hey no problem, it’s always nice knowing someone can relate. I know exactly what you mean. We were really young when we were together but we had always talked about the same stuff. Honestly, feel free to message me unanon. I try not to talk about Sam too much on here anymore, but I really don’t mind helping you out or anything.